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Below are frequently asked questions and answers about insurance from Global Credit Insurance and Trafigura Finance Securities

Q: How insurance help me with my Mortgage(s)?

Most people would have taken up a mortgage loan when they purchased a new home. It is important to take up mortgage insurance so that your family can still continue to live in the home that you have provided for them, even when you are no longer around. The sum assured of the mortgage insurance will pay for the mortgage loan.

Q: How does life insurance affects me?

Life insurance is used for two broad purposes:

  • To provide financial security - provides you and your family with financial protection when unexpected events and hardship, such as disability, critical illness or the loss of a loved one, occur. Once you own a life insurance policy, you and your loved ones are immediately secured against such risks.
  • As a medium-to long-term savings and investment vehicle - life insurance helps your savings and investment grow so that you can plan for the good things in life, such as a comfortable retirement, a good education for your children, or that dream car, house or holiday.
  • Q: What are the important aspect of finacial planning?

    There are four aspects of financial planning:

  • Insurance planning - you use insurance plans to meet the financial security needs of yourself and your family, should any mishap happen to you and/or your loved ones.
  • Investment planning - you have your money work for you and reap the returns according to your risk profile.
  • Retirement planning - you ensure that you are able to continue with a comfortable lifestyle and do the things you want to do after retirement.
  • Tax planning - you ensure that appropriate taxes are being paid without having to make large sacrifices.
  • Q: What is an assignment? Can a life policy be assigned?

    An assignment means to transfer the rights of personal property to another person. A life insurance policy can be assigned as it is regarded as a form of personal property.

  • The assignment can be done via a Deed of Assignment signed by the assignor (policy owner) and the assignee (the party receiving the rights of the policy).
  • For the assignment to be effective, notice of the assignment must be given to the life insurance company.
  • Q: What is life insurance?

    Life insurance is concerned with events that could happen during a person's life and the probability of such an event actually taking place. The policyholder pays premiums regularly and this ensures payment of an agreed amount if the specified event - such as death or an accident resulting in death or disability - occurs. Premiums collected from all the policyholders are pooled together to form the life insurance fund. This fund is nurtured with the intention of being paid out as and when required to the dependents of those who have contributed to it. Life insurance normally combines protection with a regular savings programme.

    While life insurance cannot prevent any of these events from happening, it can provide for protection against financial loss as a result of these events.

    Common Questions

    Here you'll find a range of customer queries from the most common to the most obscure.

    Only Service Tax registrants can charge and collect the Service Tax.

    The Government announced that Service Tax is reintroduced on 1 September 2018 by substituting the prevailing Goods and Services Tax (“GST”). Unlike GST which taxes all goods and services unless exemption is provided, Service Tax is only charged on certain prescribed services made by prescribed taxable persons.

    If you have made full payment for the total premium/contribution including GST, you will not be charged for Service Tax for the coverage period from 1 September 2018 to 31 December 2018.

    There are a few category of policy namely education, protection, wealth accumulation, medical insurance and retirement. There is “no right” policy purchased as it depends on your needs. Each stages of life will have different needs and therefore, different stage of life will focus on different category of policy. It is important to

    A) Know your needs

    Different people will have different needs and the reasons for purchasing policy can be due to the followings:

  • a) Continuity in income in the event of Death or Disability
  • b) Income for policyholder should he/she becomes critically ill
  • c) Savings or investments
  • d) Education for children
  • e) Plan for retirement income
  • f) Invest for a better future

    B) Affordability

  • Individual will purchase insurance according to their needs and at the same time based on the affordability in paying such premium. Generally, Life insurance should be purchased according to one’s financial needs
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