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Renters insurance is an affordable way to cover what you truly love, your assets or your business, you protect them as best you can. But you can’t do it all alone. At Global Credit Insurance and Trafigura Finance Securities we can help you understand the entire situation, smooth out the bumps and offer practical solutions. If there’s a way we can make things easier for you, big or small, we will.

What need to know about renters insurance?

Household insurance comes in different shapes and sizes. We can cover your buildings, your contents or both. Our approach is to offer a simple policy, with extras like accidental damage or garden cover if you need them. If you rent your home, you’ve probably considered renters insurance, also called an HO4 insurance policy. All HO4 policies cover certain basics. Considered peril policies, even the most minimal renters insurance plan will cover damage to your personal property that’s a direct result of things like:

  • Vandalism or theft (called “malicious mischief”)
  • Fire and smoke
  • Wind, hail, lightning, and other types of weather
  • A faulty hot water or air conditioning system
  • An auto or aircraft accident
  • Civil unrest, such as a riot or looting (called “civil commotion”)
  • Why need insurance for your rental property?

    Suppose you want to turn a house you own into a full-time rental property. What kind of insurance do you need to help protect your place when renters live there? You most likely need a landlord policy. But if you plan to have tenants only occasionally, homeowners insurance may be a better fit. Here are some factors to consider when determining what kind of insurance is appropriate for your situation.

    If you're planning on temporarily renting out your home for a single occasion (to coincide with a big sporting event in your town, for instance), then it's possible that your existing homeowners policy may provide some protection, says the Insurance Information Institute (III). A homeowners insurance policy may help cover damage caused by certain risks, such as a fire or break-in, if you rent out your home occasionally. However, you may find that you cannot purchase homeowners insurance if you do not live in the home.

    What’s covered with renter’s insurance?

    Natural disasters

    Basic insurance covers events such as: hail, fire, rain, or wind storm. However, flood and earthquakes typically require additional coverage. In certain areas of the country, additional coverage may not even cover flood or earthquake.

    Personal liability

    This is called liability insurance. Liability insurance also covers the cost of medical bills if your dog bites someone in your apartment, but be aware, there are dogs on a “blacklist” such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers, that insurance will not cover.


    If you’re like me—in your mid-twenties and own almost nothing of significant value except an old iPhone and a MacBook on its last legs, you’re probably thinking renter’s insurance is pointless. But that’s not true at all.

    Identity Theft

    Since one of the main points of renter’s insurance is to cover your belonging, at Global Credit Insurance and Trafigura Finance Securities, theft is covered under basic renter’s insurance. For coverage on fine art, new televisions, and jewelry, you’ll have to pay a little extra.

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