Homeowner's Insurance

Ease the weight of being the breadwinner for your family or key person for your business with Global Credit Insurance and Trafigura Finance Securities, a non-participating term plan made for protecting your financial security in times of need. If you’re a business owner, you can also ensure the well-being of your company by keeping key employees protected with this plan.

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Personal Insurance

As we go along in life, many of us will come to believe that dreams are for the privileged, for the naive. We start spending less time dreaming and more time worrying about the future: can we pay off the house, will the kids get a good education, will we be able to retire in comfort?

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Auto Insurance

Motor Third Party insurance covers your car against third party liabilities such as death, bodily injuries to third party and losses or damages of third party property caused by accidents.

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Commercial Insurance

At Global Credit Insurance and Trafigura Finance Securities, our policies are designed to help you manage and grow your wealth, no matter what your dreams are – helping you secure a tomorrow that is worth waking up to, and where dreams become reality.

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Life & Health Insurance

At Global Credit Insurance and Trafigura Finance Securities, we believe that it shouldn’t be an “either/or” scenario. With the right health insurance to fall back on, you can focus on what’s truly important – living a dynamic and colourful life, in which you are free to pursue your dreams.

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Renter's Insurance

he Houseowner plan covers your house structure including the walls, roof, fixtures and fittings, garages, gates and fences, while the Householder plan covers your house contents like household goods, personal effects and other moveable possessions.

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Commercial Insurance / Personal Insurance

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