Meet the Staff

We believe that to solve the needs of every customer, we need to meet the fundamental needs of our people first, so that you can love what you are doing every day.

Joseph Williams

President, RHU, REBC

Matthew Newman

Vice President

Helen Muldrow

HR Manager

Robert Williams

Account Manager

Cemil Baris

Senior Bond Processor

Jon G Willis

Corporate Attorney

Thaddeus Aguilar

Claims Specialist

Adrienne Gonzalez

Head of Admin


Our Board of Directors and Executive Management constitute our key decision makers, bringing you the best industry practices and life protection policies.

Joseph Williams

- President, RHU, REBC

We recognise the importance of leadership, hence we invest in our people to empower them in picking up challenging business tasks.

Matthew Newman

-Vice President

We believe that our people should constantly strive for greater excellence through lifelong learning.

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